Friday 31st October - Sunday 2nd November 2014

DVMISSION 25 teams are given a film ‘title, genre and line of dialogue’ at 17.00hrs Friday night. They then have just 48-hours to return with a finished two-minute film.

DVMISSION is unique as we hold the Premier Night featuring the ‘film screening, award ceremony and after party’ on the same weekend. Come to the Premier Night and see the films, cheer at the awards and join in with the buzz!


DVMISSION Photo Archive

DVMISSION is a non profit event. All proceeds go to making the challenge the best it can be. We thank all the teams and volunteers who give their time for free.



This year's challenge will take place 31st October - 2nd November 2014. To enter the challenge teams must sign up to the MISSIONHQ community. The MISSION HQ network is made up of both amateurs and professional filmmakers. It’s one place to catch all the MISSION Updates. 


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